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Hosting a website is storing it on a server. There are several types of which two main: the shared and the dedicated. Offshore is extremely popular among companies facing limitations due to their jurisdiction. Offshore web hosting is about hosting a website on servers outside of one’s country. Usually, this is done to obtain specific benefits. Technically, every time you host a website on foreign servers, you go into offshore hosting. However, the term involves doing it deliberately to achieve a specific purpose, usually related to privacy, security or freedom of expression.

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It is necessary to take into account some essential points to choose the appropriate type of hosting. The choice may vary depending on the desired programming language. First, it is imperative to know the proper programming language. Some types of hosting offered are intended for novices in the field of programming, others for those who have a basic knowledge and also for people who have an advanced level.

The services offered by offshore Netherlands server allow individuals and professionals to manage traffic. Indeed, the level of reliability of the host can influence the SEO, the positioning of the site on the engines, and therefore the performance of the company.

The choice of hosting is based on the area of ​​activity of the company or individual concerned and the type of service sought. There is dedicated server hosting, offshore Netherlands dedicated servers, video game server, and database server hosting, among others. Each type of hosting has specific advantages. All these points are to be taken into account before choosing the ideal type of hosting and its host.

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Most offshore hosting needs are determined in a few categories. Some companies need it, others require all the benefits. Depending on the nature of the business, needs vary. These include:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of press
  • To avoid local regulations
  • Taxes and legal residency
  • Anonymous services

Let’s take a closer look at these reasons for choosing cheap Netherlands dedicated server.


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Choose the right jurisdiction

In these cases, the best solution (apart from not participating in these activities) is to host your website at a location where these types of businesses are not illegal or, where the regulations and penalties are not so strict. To name a few, the popular offshore hosting sites offering tax benefits are:

  • Bermuda
  • The Netherlands
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Monaco
  • Swiss

There are many, however, the ones above are some of the most popular tax havens today.

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Freedom of expression

If you want to host controversial content of any kind, you are at risk. You may be breaking a law, regulation, or cultural norm. The risk of punishment in the form of jail time, fines and lawsuits is not your only concern.In general, offended authorities seek to remove your content from the public. By broadcasting your content from a country with strong freedom of expression protection, your content may not be forcibly removed.

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To avoid local regulations

In the United States, the sale of certain pharmaceutical products directly to consumers without a prescription is illegal. Several jurisdictions have regulations regarding pornography.

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Before committing yourself to an anonymous web host, check these 5 points:

  1. Know the restrictions of the location: Make sure you do not violate the law of the country of the offshore host.
  2. Search well: Do a thorough search of the anonymous web host.
  3. Check the sector: Various sectors may have internal laws that prevent you from completing your planned business process.
  4. Privacy: Many hosting providers claim anonymity. Make sure it’s legitimate anonymity and not a marketing tactic.
  5. Payment: Fiduciary currencies can be traced. That said, some crypto-currencies are a great way to pay for hosting if you want to stay discreet.

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The main reason people opt for offshore hosting is that they seek to free themselves from any government intrusion. However, it is the source of danger.Governments that want to interfere in your business will always find a way to do it, and offshoring does not guarantee your security.

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The safest way to pay for your transactions is via crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Crypto-currencies remain the best way to pay for hosting if you have to remain discreet. Although traceable, this method of payment remains incredibly difficult to decipher and contributes to anonymity.

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Many hosting providers claim the features and benefits of anonymity. Make sure this is legitimate and not a tactic in marketing. If you are required to provide your usual information, it is unlikely to be true anonymity.

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Does some research on your offshore web host before you commit? Most jurisdictions are entirely different, both in the structure of the law and intolerance. Spend some time researching offshore locations of your choice.

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It is not because you are registered or hosted abroad that you do not violate the law. There are of course flaws to find, but you can still be incriminated.

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In the same way as the laws on exclusive jurisdictions, each sector has its respective rules. Internal laws may prevent you from completing your planned business processes.

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In addition to the payment (usually monthly or yearly) and the selection of the data centre, an offshore hosting plan works in the same way as a normal hosting plan. Generally, you can choose from a variety of services, depending on your resource requirements. The most common types are:

  • Shared server
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated server
  • Cloud Server

Shared servers are the cheapest, but a VPS gives you more resources. On the other hand, they offer the best performances.

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More and more companies are embracing globalization to ease their daily practices, which is understandable. Transferring a business abroad, or at least hosting it abroad, is an important decision. Companies transfer manufacturing from one country to another to reduce production costs. However, web hosting is a little different. Businesses and individuals often move their servers from one country to another to reduce legal risk.


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Some offshore hosting companies provide a completely anonymous service, requiring no identifying information provided by the customer. Payment is made via Bitcoin or cash and communication is strictly managed via an anonymous email account.

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